Value Creation

Our Value Creation

Protecting Nature and People, Enabling Business, and Positively Impacting Lives

Financial Capital

Financial capitals are our sources of funds to produce goods and provide our services.

Manufactured Capital

Our manufactured capital is the physical assets, infrastructure, and equipment that we and our business segments use to provide our customers with our products and services, ultimately creating value.

Natural Capital

Our natural capital is composed of the renewable and non-renewable materials and resources we use to develop our products and services that create value for our customers and stakeholders.

Human Capital

Our human capital is composed of the knowledge, expertise, and experience brought by the employees of our businesses. Empowered by our culture, we strive to provide our employees with the proper arsenal to deliver their best at the workplace.

Intellectual Capital

Our intellectual capital arises from our organizational knowledge, systems, procedures, intellectual properties or licenses, and research. This capital helps us achieve the successful development of our projects and new businesses, the effective and efficient management of existing assets, and streamlined operations of the various companies.

Social and Relationship Capital

Our social and relationship capital relies on our relationships with our customers, host communities, and other external stakeholders. We believe our social license stemmed from our mindful engagement with stakeholders, which led to public acceptance, collaborative supply chain, government support, and customer loyalty.

Our ESG Values

In 2021, we endeavored to better estimate these values by refreshing how we look at investments toward the many different activities in our businesses.

Contributing to society through our purpose

Our commitment to sustainable development is the first step in achieving our mission of regeneration and decarbonization.