Board Governance

The authority, accountability, and responsibility to steer the course of the company are vested in the following decision-making bodies below. However, utmost consultation and collaboration are fostered in assessing and deciding on issues material for the company.

Board Committees

The Executive Committee is provided for in the Company’s By-laws. It is composed of five members of the Board to exercise the powers of the Board of Directors in between meetings. Its powers involve the management and direction of the affairs of the Corporation in all cases in which specific direction has not been given by the Board. As such, all actions taken by the Executive Committee are reported to the Board at the next succeeding meeting for ratification, or revision, when necessary.

Governance Activities

The following summarizes the meetings of our Board or Directors in 2021.

Policy Embedding

Our mission for a decarbonized and regenerative future requires a mindset that recognizes and appreciates the broader contexts that we are all part of. In developing and implementing company policies, we do embedding programs to help employees further understand what goes into the policies and the need for them. Through these programs, we aim to help employees appreciate and find convergence between their purpose and that of the company.

Board of Directors

View the portraits of FPHC’s Board of Directors as well as read through their short biography by clicking on each image.

Senior Management