Our Outlook

In our pursuit of transparency, we present how we perceive the company’s outlook will be in the next few years relative to the group risks and opportunities, based on the internal and external developments.

Where We Are Heading

As we navigate the risks and trends that confront us, overall, we perceive a positive outlook for our whole business. We believe that climate change has risks but also huge business opportunities. The target of the country contained in the NDC is high at 75 percent of our 2020 to 2030 GHG emissions because of the magnitude of the climate problem. Supporting our ambition is our overall ability to preserve or create capitals, as shown in our performance.

The government will require support from overseas development agencies but more from the local business sector. From this stems our opportunities as our conglomerate can positively contribute to decarbonization through the diverse pathways we described in the section of Strategy (here). Our ambition in each of the pathways we chose to decarbonize is at the heart of our mission. Government can complement business through enabling policies that will direct investment to sustainable economic activities and through incentives for green products and services.